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Online Courses

Grow and be fed in the Word of God as you go through our free series.

These are highly valued teaching series by Rev. Dr. Steven Francis, placed in an orderly format for maximised learning.

Faith of the Warriors

[Free course]
Teaching series on the very foundations of our faith that is our life line in these last days.

Blessings of the Benediction

[coming soon]
Teaching series on the power invoked in this prayer of Aaronic Blessing.

Push Back the Darkness

[coming soon]
Teaching series of authority and right standing with God to push the darkness.

Secrets of Prevailing Prayer

[coming soon]
Teaching series on how to get hold of God as we seek His face.

Divine Discipleship

[coming soon]
A teaching series to bring us in alignment and in-sync to the Holy Spirit to live our daily lives becoming more like Jesus.

Prophetic Awakening

[coming soon]
A teaching series to charge and uplift our spirit man to finish the race set before us in this last lap of God’s divine plan.

It has been a season of God’s gracious favor in giving me new friends, teachers and family.

Anna D’Souza,
Cornerstone Community Church

I found the curriculum thoughtfully planned and coupled with mature and anointed teachers. Past truths for me were polished up, and new revelations received, even though there were times my mind-skin was stretched some. But, through it all, the Lord’s manifest love and presence was ever-present.”

Free Courses

Be equipped with all these great series of teachings as you build your foundations in the Word of God. Harness your full armour ready for the battle cry as God blows his trumpet to signal our advancement. These are heavy-dosage courses for FREE so enroll in all of them now!

Premium Courses

Start your 8 month journey of learning with impartation thru these whole period of consecration and dedication of your time with God. This will cultivate your lifestyle as you fulfill the requirements of these courses as we meet online. God is doing a new thing so ENROLL now!

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