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The King's School of Worship trains end-time worshippers who desire to give their all to Jesus Christ our King. Learn about the different facets of God through prophetic worship teachings such as INTIMACY, WARFARE, OBEDIENCE and VOICE.

  • Intimacy - To seek His face

Intimacy is learning to be open and truthful in that secret place with the person who we desire to have a deep relationship with - God Almighty.

  • Warfare - to heed His command

We need to hear the voice and the Commander to know the schemes of the enemy and to fight against it through worship.

  • Obedience - to build His house

If we want God to manifest His awesome presence, we must obey by doing what God desires - to build Him a house where his glory dwells

  • Voice - to speak His truth 

We need to be trained by going through the refining fire of God to be His mouthpiece for truth, as it requires purity and humility

The King’s School of Worship’s Call

• To Inspire with Passion the Pursuit of God
• To Be Empowered to become His voice in worship
• To Aspire to walk in obedience in His will and ways
• To Serve with humility with the fragrance of His spirit

Our Mission is to raise up sons and daughters who will become worshiping disciples to give glory to God.

What will i learn?

  • Intimacy - to seek His face
  • Warfare - to heed His command
  • Obedience - to build His house
  • Voice - to speak His truth


  • Spirit-filled
  • Believer of Jesus
  • Child of God
  • Disciple of Christ

James Diamante

Bro. James is the Worship and Media director of Rivers of Life Apostolic Ministries, Jesus my King Church Singapore and the USA. He has been leading the worship ministry for 14 years and has been serving in the ministry for 16 years. He has conducted School of Worship trainings for various churches in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, USA, Australia and Fiji. James carries the passion of Jesus in worship as he leads the body of Christ into a place of intimacy with God. As a forerunner in prophetic worship, James has inspired and encouraged many to travail and persist in the presence of God.Pastor Rupert Lim Pastor Rupert is a trained professional musician who gave up his established music career of 15 years to follow the call of God upon his life. He entered the ministry with Cornerstone Community Church in 1992 and has been serving in a full-time capacity since then. Pastor Rupert has spoken at worship seminars, conducted trainings with different worship teams/ministries and preached in churches of different denominational backgrounds. He ministers in several churches and youth camps and is a current lecturer at Tung Ling Bible School, School of MinistryPastor Hazeil MinozaPastor Hazeil is a visionary and servant leader whose heart is to constantly reach out and meet the needs of the lost and poor. She has been passionately leading the Filipino congregation in Cornerstone Community Church, Singapore for almost 10 years. Her desire is for believers to passionately be on fire for God.Gideon KongBro. Gideon has been working as a graphic designer and researcher since 2015. He is currently a part-time lecturer for design and runs an independent practice. Gideon has been serving in the worship ministry for 12 years and has been leading worship for 6 years. His desire is for the next generation to have the mind and heart of creativity to express themselves to God in worship. 

Dr. Steven Francis

is called to be a Prophet to the Church and the Nations. He is well respected by his peers as a man who walks with integrity and humility, with the fear of the Lord. His love for the Scriptures and passion for Jesus has touched thousands across nations. His gift causes people to thirst for God and drives them to their knees to have an intimate relationship with Christ. Dr. Steven Francis has been serving the Lord for over 30 years and in full time ministry since 1992. He travels to the nations to speak in conferences and to conduct revival crusades. He has also founded three Bible Institutes. More than 5,000 pastors and 12,000 leaders and believers have been trained in his programs. He is the founder of Rivers of Life Ministries and a monthly revival meeting Warriors Training Camp in Singapore since 2007. He is Founder/Principal of the King's College of Prophets and Senior Pastor of Jesus My King Church. As an author, he has published 13 books and many training manuals. Dr. Steven Francis has completed Masters of Social Science in Professional Counselling from Swinburn University of Technology and Doctor of Ministry from Southern Asia Bible College.

Marvelous Sarael



Aaron John De Guzman



This is an excellent course for every believers to undergo to understand the true worship that God wants from His sons and daughters. All Glory to God!

Joseph Tee



I would highly recommend this course to all believers, whether is a new believer or a seasoned believer. The lecturers taught us how to live a worship lifestyle and how to minister unto God.

Jessie Yap



comprehensive and good presentation.




I learnt a lot about what worship is about and how to be a true worshipper. If you are serious about worship, you should consider this course.

Jaypee B






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