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If we are prophetic warriors, there is something different about our faith compared to the normal and basic believer. The faith in the life of a warrior is higher, it is upgraded, it is challenged, it is tested, it has quality, it can go through challenges, it can persevere, it has the power to pursue, it has the ability to overcome and that’s the faith that the Spirit of God placed in my heart that He wants to upgrade the Faith of the Warriors.

What will i learn?

  • Charge your spirit man
  • Grace to live the Word of God
  • Walk in the ways of the Lord


  • Spirit-filled
  • Believer of Jesus
  • Child of God
  • Disciple of Christ

Dr. Steven Francis

is called to be a Prophet to the Church and the Nations. He is well respected by his peers as a man who walks with integrity and humility, with the fear of the Lord. His love for the Scriptures and passion for Jesus has touched thousands across nations. His gift causes people to thirst for God and drives them to their knees to have an intimate relationship with Christ. Dr. Steven Francis has been serving the Lord for over 30 years and in full time ministry since 1992. He travels to the nations to speak in conferences and to conduct revival crusades. He has also founded three Bible Institutes. More than 5,000 pastors and 12,000 leaders and believers have been trained in his programs. He is the founder of Rivers of Life Ministries and a monthly revival meeting Warriors Training Camp in Singapore since 2007. He is Founder/Principal of the King's College of Prophets and Senior Pastor of Jesus My King Church. As an author, he has published 13 books and many training manuals. Dr. Steven Francis has completed Masters of Social Science in Professional Counselling from Swinburn University of Technology and Doctor of Ministry from Southern Asia Bible College.

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